LifeNest Sleep System for Hospital Bassinets


LifeNest Sleep system for hospital bassinets

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Lifenest® Infant Mattress feature a unique hammock style low pressure mesh that is designed to encompass the infant’s body, especially around the head. Unlike regular bassinet mattresses which may apply unwanted pressure on the head and posterior due to their uniform surface, the mesh netting on the Lifenest® cradles the baby by contouring to their body. The HMBAS001UBIA Lifenest® Bassinet Mattress offers a comfortable foam surface that encourages infants to sleep on their backs without restricting their movements.  Lifenest® Bassinet Mattresses are made specifically for hospital use and will fit most hospital bassinets. Lifenest® Mattresses have a high density foam surface and are constructed from hospital grade material making them ideal for all hospitals, birth centers, and pediatric clinics.

The Lifenest® is designed to prevent against the development of positional plagiocelaphy. The Lifenest® Infant Mattress cradles the baby’s head, helping to prevent positional flattening. The increase contact surface area reduces the pressure per square inch on baby’s head. And the Lifenest’s comfortable and supportive surface allows an infant’s head to move freely.

Lifenest® Mattress improves airflow and breathability. In addition to supporting an infant’s body, the mesh netting also supports their breathing by improving air circulation around the infant. The mesh netting allows fresh air to travel up through the mattress which helps expel any carbon dioxide that the infant breathes out. With regular bassinet mattresses, it is possible for this carbon dioxide to build up around the infant’s head and for them to breathe it back in, which could lead to carbon dioxide poisoning. The increased airflow of the Lifenest® helps eliminate the risk of re-breathing. Although it is encouraged for infants to sleep on their backs, the fresh air design of the Lifenest® allows them to breathe through the netting in case they roll over. Liquids and secretions are able to pass through this netting so that they won’t restrict airflow.

The Lifenest® Baby Bassinet Mattress can reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers. Lifenest’s innovative design maintains skin integrity and helps prevent the development of skin pressure ulcers. By contouring to the user’s body, the mesh netting helps alleviate pressure on on soft skin spots. The fresh air flow helps protect against hypothermia and sweating. This results in a cool environment for the baby’s skin which could otherwise break down from unwanted warmth and moisture.

Lifenest® Mattress increase the effectiveness of photo-therapy treatment by bringing infants closer to the light source maximizing the area affected by the light. This also helps increase perfusion at a capillary level. The Lifenest® even allows photo-therapy through the netting.

Lifenest® Mattresses are durable and made to withstand the demands of a professional medical environment. To prevent contamination, Lifenest® Mattresses feature topical, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal protection. They also have a waterproof protective layer that is easy to clean and disinfect. Because these Bassinet Mattresses are meant to endure continual use in a hospital environment by multiple patients, the procedure for disinfecting them has been validated by tests performed within a bacteriology laboratory. Lifenest® Baby Bassinet Mattresses are 100% radiolucent and are lead-free, phthalate-free, and BPA-free. They have also passed the CFR1632 and CFR1633 flammability tests for fire protection without the addition of any harmful chemicals. Lifenest® Mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold and UL certified.

Lifenest® Mattress Cover Sheets are designed for quick application by caregivers thus saving time and effort while minimizing the transfer of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) – See ACCESSORIES Tab for Cover Sheets. Because they are disposable, the cost of laundering bassinet sheets is also eliminated. Mattress Sheets are anti-bacterial and also water repellent to further prevent contamination. When fitted to the Lifenest® Mattress, the soft and comfortable Sheets will maintain the low pressure of the Mattress without affecting the airflow. As with the Lifenest® Mattress, Lifenest® Sheets are also Lead-free, phthalate-free, and BPA-free. Novum Mattress Sheets are hypoallergenic and are 100% recyclable.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 12.4 × 2.3 in

• Helps prevent Flat Head (Plagiocephaly)
• Allows your baby to breathe freely through the netting if he or she accidentally rolls over
• Prevents rebreathing thanks to the free circulation of air though the Lifenest® netting
• Allows unrestricted movements promoting relaxation and better sleep
• Prevents the mattress cover sheet strangulation risk
• Allows liquids or mucus to pass through the Lifenest® mesh surface
• Keeps your baby dry and comfortable on the dust-mites free hypoallergenic netting
• Naturally maintains baby on a comfortable back sleeping position
• NO chemical fire retardant added in the Lifenest foam
• Measures: 26" l x 12.4" w x 2.3" h
• Fits Most Hospital Bassinets
Parents Tested, Parents Approved (PTPA) certified Winner of The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval


GREENGUARD® Gold Certification
UL Environment's GREENGUARD® Certification program helps manufacturers create and helps buyers identify and trust interior products and materials that have low chemical emissions, improving the quality of the air in which the products are used. All certified products must meet stringent emissions standards based on established chemical exposure criteria. By using products bearing the GREENGUARD Gold Certification mark, parents can rest easy knowing these products have been independently tested and verified to meet strict emission levels of pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and phthalates

Flat Head

About flat head (PLAGIOCEPHALY)
46.7% of babies are affected by Flat Head Syndrome, according to a Canadian study.

Unlike firm mattresses, which can apply damaging pressure, the Lifenest mattress topper’s innovative hammock gently cradles a newborn’s malleable skull. On a Lifenest, the contact surface for a baby’s head is up to four times larger compared to a normal baby bed mattress and redistributes pressure away from soft spots. Lifenest helps relieve critical pressure on a baby’s head
Lifenest’s unique woven cradle contours to the shape of a baby’s head to avoid damaging pressure.
Lifenest’s contact surface with a baby’s head is larger than conventional mattresses, allowing a more even distribution of pressure.
Pressure is redistributed away from soft spots.