Medical Grade Lifenest® Sleeping System

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The Lifenest Mattress:
Ensuring an infant's comfort and health is an ongoing challenge in neonatal care. The innovative design of the Lifenest® Sleep System makes unprecedented improvements in healthcare for premature and critically ill infants.

Lifenest Mattress Specifications:
The Lifenest is engineered to reduce skin breakdown (that leads to pressure sores and ulcers) as well as rebreathing. Additionally, Lifenest helps prevent secondary Positional Plagiocephaly. The supportive surface is 100% radiolucent and also allows phototherapy through the netting. The Lifenest Mattress Promotes infant comfort by providing a soft and ventilated hammock support surface that has basic topical, antimicrobial and anti-fungal protection.

Infant Warmer Lifenest Mattress:Compatible with GE Giraffe
Model # HMINC001UBIA
24.8’’ x 18.9’’ x 2.3’’

Bassinet Lifenest Mattress:
Compatible with most Hospital Bassinets:
26’’ x 12.4’’ x 2.3’’

Lifenest Disposable Sheets:
The convenient disposable fitted sheets are breathable, water repellent and hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and offer translucency up to 95%. The Lifenest fitted sheet is 100% recyclable and makes an environmentally responsible product as it cuts down on laundry and other harmful processes. The Lifenest  sheet is designed to help prevent nosocomial infections.

Infant Warmer Mattress Sheets:

Model # HC1MBAS001UBIA, 24.8’’ x 18.9’’ x 2.3’’

Bassinet Mattress Sheets: 

Model # HC1MINC001UBIA, 26’’ x 12.4’’ x 2.3’’